Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama’s brother banned from taking son to US

George Obama
A Nairobi court has stopped US President Barack Obama’s half-brother from taking his three-year-old son to America and ordered him to produce the child in court.

Mr George Obama, 30, was sued by his girlfriend who claims that he forcefully took away the boy on September 6 from her Huruma Estate home in Nairobi where they were celebrating the child’s birthday.

The girlfriend also aged 30, alleges that Mr Obama wants to take the child to the US. Mr Obama is expected to take the child to court on October 31.

The court also issued orders stopping him from removing the child out of the country.
The woman moved to court after failing to trace the child since Saturday when Mr Obama allegedly took him away pretending he was going to buy him a birthday present.

The two got into a come-we stay marriage arrangement in 2008 but are currently living separately.
Her lawyer, Mr John Chigiti, told the court that Mr Obama planned to take the child to the US where his mother lives.

“The defendant (Obama) informed me that he wants to take the child to America to his mother where education is free.

"He is busy processing the child’s papers for the trip and unless stopped by this court, he is likely to execute his plans which will work against the best interests of the child,” the woman states in the plaint.

The lawyer said the whereabouts of the child was unknown. The complainant says that Mr Obama went to her house in Huruma on September 6, in a taxi and insisted that he wanted to buy the child a birthday present.

She reluctantly allowed him to go with the child but on condition that he was to be accompanied by her mother and sister and that he would return the child to her.

But when they got into the taxi, Mr Obama threw out the child’s grandmother and his aunt then drove off to an unknown destination with the child.

Source: Daily Nation

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