Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barclays to close 10 branches in Tanzania

Barclays has announced plans to close down 10 branches by the end of this year in Tanzania, affecting an estimate of 100 employees, in the latest efforts by the bank to realign its geographical presence in the country.

Barclays Bank managing director Kihara Maina said the decision was geared towards ensuring they delivered service according to expectations.

“We are aiming at improving our services, performance and meeting ambitious operational goals in Tanzania,” he said.

The bank said interests of the affected employees would be looked after in accordance with the country’s laws and Barclays policies. Currently, the bank has a network of 32 branches throughout the country and has put in place measures to minimise service disruptions to customers by migrating the affected accounts to the remaining branches.

“Ensuring minimum inconveniences to our customers and affected employees is our priority and we have taken necessary steps internally to minimize any negative effect that changes like this can bring,” Mr Maina said.
 Source: The East African

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